Nottinghill Carnival 2014

Nottinghill Carnival 2015

On Sunday the weather was pretty good, with only a sprinkling of rain during the day. The Dimensions Group wore T-shirts as tradition to celebrate Mas and take in the atmosphere. Everyone enjoyed themselves and performed some of the routines we had been learning throughout the year. At judging point we performed a track, getting around the route at a perfect time in order for the team to get some rest for Monday.


Monday we arrived at Freston Road to see rain. We all changed into our costumes and braved the weather to celebrate our successful year of dance and culture. Unfortunately it continued to rain for the whole day, but we all danced, kept as warm as we could and performed during the routed and at judging point. The Carnival was great this year and thanks to Cocoyea Mas Band for hosting us this year.

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