Hackney Carnival 2015

Hackney Carnival 2015

For the Hackney One Love Carnival we continued with the year’s Theme ‘Dimension’s of Heaven’. The team arrived early and set up in Colvestone Primary School, which was available for all the participating groups to use. We all changed and our makeup was done my one of our members and supported by some of the parents.

For Hackney Carnival we collaborated with Soca Massive Fancy Sailor’s for a second year in a row and came second, well done all participants involved.


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Nottinghill Carnival 2015

Nottinghill Carnival 2016

This year’s Theme was ‘Dimensions of Heaven’ and we portrayed this through devils and angels. The Dimensions team made 4 designs for the adult section and 2 for the children’s section.

We also held weekly dance sessions where participants can come and learn the latests soca dance routines and also practice for the judging going at the carnival.

We collaborated with Cocoyea Mas Band, which was the second year in a row, where we came second in Fun and Fantasy. Thanks to Dexter Khan for hosting Dimensions this year.


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Carnival Expo – 2015

Carnival Expo – 2015

Dimensions team love to do performances and we collaborated with Carnival Expo and Pannation steel Pan Band to create a performance for the Carnival event. This was an amazing experience, where all ages of the Dimensions team got together to perform with the Steel Pan Band. Chris storey and his band worked with us, which took patience having to scheduling our practices with the Pan Bands rehearsals.

On the day the Dimensions team opened the performance, with a Street mix with a caribbean twist. All enjoyed the performance and were excited to change and dance with Pannation. We performed to Krosyah’s Pump me Up, Bunji Garlin’s Differentology and Machel Montano’s Like a Boss. We all had great feedback from the performance and all members waned to get involved next year. Thanks to Andrew Singh for hosting us on the day.


Click below to see some of the performance.

101 Essex Competition – 27th march 2016

101 Essex Competition

From the start of the year Dimensions ‘Infusion Dance team’ have been working towards a competition in Essex, where they will have the opportunity to compete against other young dancers and also experience what other teams are doing. Dimensions feels that students find competitions exciting and a challenge to work towards.

It was a very long day as none of our team were doing solos or duos we had to wait until the groups section, this is something that we will revise for future competitions. The team were up competing with 4 other teams and gained second place on their first attempt, we were all very proud of them. Well done Infusion!

Whitecross street Party 2015

Whitecross street Party

For this event Dimensions aimed to put on a workshop for the public and also perform a closing parade for the Street party. Dimensions worked with Spectrum Youth Centre to engage more people into joining the parade at the event.

On the day we held the workshop on the Spectrum Youth Stage and the Dimensions team engaged with the audience to encourage to get involved. We then started the closing parade, where the team danced and performed routines. Many for the onlookers started to join in and clapping and cheering along. Dimensions really enjoyed participating in this event. Thank to the WXSP team who put this mammoth event together and also Elaine for Spectrum for supporting the activity.

To view video click link below:-

Hackney Carnival 2014

Hackney Carnival 2015

Dimensions loves Hackney carnival, the weather is always great even though it is in September and it is always well organised. All participants had a great day and we always gain additional members who were not able to come to Nottinghill, support us here. We collaborated with Soca massive Mas Band, who we have worked with on many occasions.

Our costumes were amazing and very well made so very little amendments were needed in preparation for Hackney Carnival. We followed the routed dancing and performing our routines that we had learnt. Thanks again to Hackney One Love Carnival for another amazing day.

Nottinghill Carnival 2014

Nottinghill Carnival 2015

On Sunday the weather was pretty good, with only a sprinkling of rain during the day. The Dimensions Group wore T-shirts as tradition to celebrate Mas and take in the atmosphere. Everyone enjoyed themselves and performed some of the routines we had been learning throughout the year. At judging point we performed a track, getting around the route at a perfect time in order for the team to get some rest for Monday.


Monday we arrived at Freston Road to see rain. We all changed into our costumes and braved the weather to celebrate our successful year of dance and culture. Unfortunately it continued to rain for the whole day, but we all danced, kept as warm as we could and performed during the routed and at judging point. The Carnival was great this year and thanks to Cocoyea Mas Band for hosting us this year.

Free Weekly Dance Classes

Free weekly dance classes funded by Arts Council and Awards for All.

The dance classes are geared towards:-
1) Those who want to learn to dance, learn new styles, build up skills and for those who want to be a part of a carnival band.
2) For those who want more opportunities to perform at shows, events or be a part of the carnival.

Class Times:-
6-7.30pm – Dance aerobics, parade formation and performance

The classes are run by Dimensions’ ‘Infusion’ dancers, with guest dancers on rotation; teaching the latest Soca, Dancehall and Street moves.

The classes are termly, so the dates for the start of the year are as follows:-
18th, 25th September
2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd October
6th, 13th, 20th, 27th November
4th, 11th, 18th December

Venue:- Haringey Sixth Form, White Hart Lane, London N17 8HR

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In response to cuts in funding for the arts, we have launched our Sponsorship campaign to ensure that we can preserve our organisation of over 100 members and growing to be able to continue to learn, create and perform their work to new and old audiences.
We have received funding ranging in from £50 to £10,000 public grants, which has helped to secure our organization for the next financial year, but in order to expand our services we need more help.
We are appreciative for the help of everyone who has shown their support for our organistion. It has been humbling to realise how much Dimensions means to our audiences.

Thank you all in advance.

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