Who we are?

Dimensions Entertainment is a voluntary unincorporated social enterprise organisation established in 2007 that was initially youth led by a 4 member team of dancers to promote the Carnival Arts and Dance in the London. Dimensions run an extensive outreach learning programme where we engage with over hundreds of young people each year. Our learning workshops provide participants with skills and creative experiences in all forms of Cultural Arts to develop a exclusive dance, drama and costume style, bringing the art to schools, community centres and other organisations a taste of culture, including local regular classes for those that want to learn something new or want further training.

We have participated in displays at major events including Tottenham Carnival, Youth Dance day, Seychelles Carnival and many others. Dimensions London is aiming to become one of the leading Carnival Arts and Dance organisations within the UK by honing the past and present traditions of the Carnival and dance and promoting it to our targeted audiences. We also aim to become one of the leaders in training young people and engage those not in employment and education into the Carnival Arts.

What we do?

Dimensions uses Cultural Arts to develop a exclusive dance routines, costume style, by bringing the art to schools, centres and organisation a taste of culture. We also hold regular classes throughout the year for those that want to learn something new or want further training. As part of our unique training we participate in displays at major events including Tottenham Carnival, Youth Dance day, Seychelles Carnival, so the participants are able to show what they have learnt and also bring in new audiences. We engage people through the following ways:



Dimensions Entertainment will be participates at Nottinghill and Hackney Carnival annually, with our main presentation theme displayed at the start of the year. After our Official Launch our costumes are available to purchase. And the good thing about Dimensions is that we also participate at other events throughout the year, where you will get to use your costume a number of times if you so wish.

In our carnival section during the event we represent our ‘Themed’ costumes on the road, led by a section leaders who will lead in and give cues for dance routines.  A masquerade costumes will be made up of 8 different components, Hand and arm bands, Head piece, belt etc

The dance are also a big part of carnival as the performers are on display, making the costume will come to life. If you would like to maximise your day please join our weekly dance classes, if they are not available to you please use our video links.

Dance Classes

Dimensions provides dance and costume workshops throughout the year and also run a main dance group called ‘Infusion’. If you would like to join in please look at the classes below and either come along or you can contact us on the details provided. The aim of our workshops is to share our love and knowledge of dance, culture and carnival arts and leading those who have found their passion within our projects to more public performances on stage in front of diverse audiences.

Youth Groups

Dimensions has worked with young people, and want to continue this by using our activities to tap into the new ideas they present to us. We will also encourage young people to interact – through the internet and social media – with youths locally, nationally and various educational institutions to help to support creative and physical activities, where we can expand and exchange creative ideas as well as open up new avenues and opportunities for national and international partnerships.

Schools / other organisations

Dimensions continues to explore partnerships with schools and colleges with the possibility of offering accredited dance classes as an alternative to PE – emphasising the health benefits of this fun and inclusive activity that is applicable to all abilities. The taster carnival workshops will involve giving advice and support to other Carnival organisations to increase their skills, confidence and knowledge in the carnival arts, including dance classes and costume making workshops supporting them to become fully integrated in the carnival arts.


Gemma Brown
Director/ Choreographer/ Coordinator

Founder of the community voluntary group Dimensions Entertainment, Gemma facilitates regular street dance and cultural dance workshops in Enfield, Haringey and Hackney. She has qualifications in Performing arts, street and contemporary dance, which she uses in teaching various workshops. Through the projects she has co-ordinated at community centres, schools and other organisations, she has raised the aspirations of many young people who in turn have gone on to be professionals in various art forms. 

Churlene Greene
Treasurer/ Costume designer/ Administration

Churlene Greene - Co founder of the voluntary community group Dimensions Entertainment. Churlene has been an active member of Dimensions, attending and performing at various events over the last 6 years. She has been a major part of collaborations with multiple organisations, which has given her a vast knowledge and understanding of performance dance and art. Churlene has previously taught dance to under privileged children for a community group called’ Splash’ based in East London, as well as for Dimensions and schools around North London.

Gabriella Chering
Young Leader/ Choreographer/ Secretary

Has been dancing since the age of 3 in ballet, and joined Dimensions when she was 13 and involved herself with all the dance classes available including soca, dancehall and street dance. Since dancing with dimensions entertainment she has built confidence within herself and for performing.” I have been given a platform to dance on stages, meet new people, and train my skills in dance”. She feels that dancing with dimensions entertainment has been a fantastic experience, and has grown as a performer/dancer.  With the help of Dimensions she started to assist with dance classes and naturally started to choreograph and teach classes herself.